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As the need for our team grows, we are developing a network of trusted, skilled business coach and mentor associates who share our company values and who all work in a similar way to deliver an affordable, human, client-led, collaborative service with strong outcomes for local and regional organisations.

Find out more about our associates…

Associate Business Consultant

Julie Fox

Strategy & Finance Associate

I have worked in Finance for over 35 years now & experienced a range of industries across small to large corporate companies.

Business Mentor

Sarah Lavelle Bowden

Business Coach and Mentor Associate

I am an experienced business owner and entrepreneur and currently Managing Director and Owner of two successful businesses based in Lancashire.


Lorraine Birch

Business Coach and Mentor Associate

I am an experienced business owner having started, owned and run a successful business for 18 years until final sale. I am now using this broad experience – some good, some bad – to coach/mentor in the Lancashire area, providing support for aspirational leaders of small to medium organisations.

Marketing Associate

Dan Knowles

Marketing Strategy Associate and Mentor

I bring strong experiences and a dynamic skillset to get the results you need. I listen to understand, powering forward, maintaining focus and driving momentum, communicating effectively and engaging the right people – I deliver exceptional projects with real results.


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I offer support to companies through financial analysis and implementation of financial controls leading to financial transparency and effective management.

I worked for 10 of those years with a multi-national corporate company as a financial analyst, delivering multimillion-pound projects, covering brand profit growth and European logistics sourcing studies.

I aspired to apply that experience in the context of independent small to medium size companies. Since leaving the corporate world, I have really enjoyed working with a range of SMEs covering varying aspects of business improvements, including escalating company sales through pricing strategy and expanding their reach, improving profit margins through process simplification and loss analysis, implementing cashflow systems to enable more accurate management and forecasting of working capital and implementing budgets & tracking systems to support delivering financial goals.

I am really excited about joining Paul and the Scale-Ability team and helping more small to medium sized businesses succeed through these challenging times.

My first business, Saddles Direct, was established just prior to the start of the last recession in 2005. It supplies new and used saddles and other equestrian products to horse owners across the UK. An on-line business, I saw a gap in the market and we quickly became market leaders.

With my husband, Eric, I also own a manufacturing and installation business supplying the construction industry. During the last few years, we have seen significant growth.

Throughout the last recession and during these current challenging times, I have used my understanding of the markets, ability to challenge existing industry thinking and problem-solving skills to continuously adapt and evolve our businesses, ensuring they remain successful.

I am naturally analytical and pragmatic and, at the same time, see the value in our people and teams.

I am excited to be part of the Scale-Ability team as Business Coach and Mentor. I am in the fortunate position to have a great team behind me in both businesses allowing me time to explore my passion for supporting other people.

Academia and traditional education were not for me and I jumped straight into the world of full-time work on leaving secondary school. My background is defiantly working class and I have always been determined to drive forward, ‘do better’, and achieve some particular goals. A few early successful roles in sales finally led me to start a business providing B2B services in the document management sector in 1996, with a team of 19 at peak, servicing over 450 clients across the north west area.

Why am I coaching? Having sold my business in 2014, I wanted to share my experience, the joys and the horrors of starting a business and the challenges of growth and developing a sustainable business. I understand these challenges, I understand the journey, and I understand that you swiftly have to become an expert in every aspect of your organisation. I know that I offer impactful no-nonsense support to those in a similar situation and I am driven by seeing others succeed and achieving their goal.

This is an easy read for entrepreneurs and business owners… people want to work with me because I’ve got a strong track record for running successful projects and I get real results, growing businesses, leading change, creating social cohesion and increasing profitability.

I bring a strategic eye and commercial focus to any project, creating strong traction with my detailed digital knowledge.

I’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of pounds in sponsorship income, helped build a million pound plus business from the ground up, trained corporate sales leaders and won industry leading awards. Simply put, I get things done.