Lancashire Business Leaders Peer Groups

Being at the helm of a busy Small to Medium sized business can be a lonely place. The post-pandemic business, economic and social  challenges, such as hybrid and remote working, poor mental health, staff turnover and recruitment, supply chain disruption, and increased demand for digital technology, only add to the pressures of being a business leader. 

We have the experience to help.

Peer Networking is empowering, enabling and creates better leaders

With decades of experience in leadership development programmes, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic Scale-Ability was appointed by Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub, to deliver Peer Networks, a national business support programme to strengthen business resilience for Lancashire businesses.

Business Leadership Development

This pilot scheme was designed for SME leaders who wanted to improve their business resilience, address key challenges, and reach their goals by working with likeminded leaders.

The success of the scheme led us, over the next 18 months, to win contracts with Lancashire County Council and Cumbria LEP to deliver seven Peer Network Groups. These met regularly over the course of three to four months and discussed and debated a wide range of topics from sales and marketing to raising finance to developing teams and many more. 

The most important outcome from all of our groups emerged as leadership development and support. 

Feedback from Peer Networks groups has clearly shown that being amongst your peers, knowing that you are not alone in tackling your challenges and getting valuable insights into how your peers approach their challenges, is empowering, enabling and makes you a better leader. 

A vital contribution to future success

Group participants found their experience so powerful and the bond they created so strong, that they believe the personal and leadership development that peer support has given them to be one of the most important factors in their future success. 

They have found the return on their time investment so valuable, that they are have all committed to and asked to work with Scale-Ability in an ongoing Business Leader Peer Group.

The positive drive and momentum of this group and interest from people who took part in Government-funded programmes to carry on has created an opportunity to invite other interested business leaders in joining a new Business Leaders Peer Group.

The Opportunity

Offering you the opportunity to be part of Peer Networks

Scale-Ability, based on our experience, expertise and skills, will bring a good, balanced team together, organising and facilitating the peer networking, to share, support, encourage, inspire and nurture relationships in a non-judgmental space.

For areas of specific interest, we have also successfully managed and delivered Peer Learning Groups focused on themes, such as Innovation and Intrapreneurship and Low Carbon Initiatives in the Farming Sector.

What you’ll get

Groups will be formed on the following basis:

  • 8-10 Participants
  • Meeting for 3 hours once every month
  • Minimum commitment 6 months
  • Fluid structured agenda focused on team addressing challenges and realising opportunities
  • Expert speakers when appropriate and/or necessary
  • Discount on one-to-one coaching/mentoring to support group discussions
  • Discount on Cognitive Thinking Styles Profiling Tool (Axiometrics) 

All for the monthly cost of £65 plus VAT. 

Another reason to get involved

Working with inspirational Business Leaders, through peer networks, like the people pictured here has opened our eyes to the amazing talent we have here in our region. To find out more about how you can share in this, get in touch with us.

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