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Our values mean we don’t deliver “off-the-shelf” training. It rarely gives you the return on investment your hard-earned money deserves. Our understanding of you, your business culture and skills needs for going on your growth journey are crucial to delivering skills based learning with your team.

Gaining CIPD qualifications in 2002, Paul has used those skills gained to design impactful training aligned with business goals during his time growing a large SME food supplier and with his own clients ever since.

We are keen to hear from business owners who want to invest in training and get right to the heart of what the business needs in terms of new skills. We work with those business owners to design and deliver the training needed and to create value quickly.

Here are some examples of business training projects which have been delivered to previous clients and proved to have a positive impact on business growth:

Creating a Culture
for Growth

A series of team led workshops focused on aligning everyone in your team behind business growth goals. Focusing everyone one of your team members on how they can contribute towards growth and become part of your sales engine.
Proven to strengthen teams and improve your sales pipeline.

Culture and Values Workshops

A day long workshop with you and your team, revisiting or discovering what makes your business tick. Defining your culture and values as a team to ensure future growth-related activities are aligned with those values. A powerful team development activity, impacting positively on team engagement, retention of staff and success with future recruitment activities.

8 Steps to Successful Business Development

A series of facilitated workshops, which will help your sales and customer service team determine what it takes to develop new opportunities and take your prospects on a journey to being a customer and then loyal advocate of your business. Great for team building and development.

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If you have an alternative business challenge where you have identified a skills gap, then please get in touch.

Having designed and delivered training for almost 20 years, we can work with you to design the programme which will ensure the investment in learning creates value quickly.

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