The One Thing

In our One Thing series, you can get to know our team as they share their own experiences, advice or hints and tips around current business challenges, trends and issues…

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The One Thing....

We asked our team: ‘what is the one thing that business owners and leaders should ensure they focus on as Covid-19 restrictions lift’?

Here’s what Paul Aisthorpe told us:

We must be sure that we are looking forward.  Over the past 15 months, I have given consistent and positive encouragement to my clients
to think as far ahead as they possibly could, whilst staying true to our client-led approach and supporting them with dealing with the day-to-day business tasks and challenges.

The One Thing....

Sarah Lavelle Bowden, our associate coach and mentor, saw an opportunity in the 2005 recession when she took her niche equestrian business online to make it a market leader…

In our One Thing series, Sarah, who is currently experiencing the challenges of being a supplier to the manufacturing and construction industry, talks about allowing ourselves time to reflect and process during lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic.

The One Thing....

Dan Knowles is our Marketing Strategy Associate and Mentor.

Dan is well known in Lancaster and the Lancashire region for leading change and running successful projects, growing businesses and increasing profitability and creating social cohesion.

For our One Thing series, we asked him; what would be the one piece of professional and personal advice you would give business owners during lockdown and the coronavirus crisis.


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